Teresa Millias: Stories from Lone Moon Creek

Join us for a book reading and signing by author Teresa Millias!

“The third book in the Stories from Lone Moon Creek series is aglow with reflections of its people and their histories, sometimes in their own town and sometimes in settings far removed. Ironically the present day ways of the world are having their influence on the once naïve, sheltered hamlet.
Today’s social issues have pushed their way into the rusticity of Lone Moon Creek. But even situations of addiction, euthanasia and human trafficking come upon solutions which reflect the basic goodness of the people who were reared in the confines of forests and fluffy white clouds. As is its custom, Stories from Lone Moon Creek-Book Three-Reflections, depicts more beguiling characters in its twenty-three stories… However, for the first time, some characters will be very familiar. Sequels begin to appear taking their lead from the first two books of the series. These will make the reader wonder which stories will appear in later books!
Of course, Agnes and Marjory, the women who introduce each story, are weaving a plot of their own. Ever so slowly, their disclosures lead to the mystery surrounding their lives.

“Reflections” will continue to lead its readers into wonderment about the reactions of the townspeople when a high school student dies; when a CEO leaves his worldly ways; when a groundskeeper changes the heart of a juvenile delinquent; and more. As hearts are sometimes broken along with lives and friendships, goodness manages to escape from the darkest depths of the soul to right the wrongs and bring faith and hope to the surface. Yes, the lore; the history; and the ‘backbone of the country’ are worth preserving. If God watches over orphans and widows, He definitely watches over small towns. In this literary work offered in a conversational style, it’s evident that some doings are efficacious only in a shroud of mystery and human impossibilities. Treat yourself to the countryside and the people of Lone Moon Creek, they are luscious with fresh, vibrant stories.
Teresa’s first two published books were released in 2015/16, and received much acclaim in the literary market. Being compared to the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder in her Little House Series, her books have firmly established Teresa as a recognized professional writer in the literary world. Stories from Lone Moon Creek: Reflections, is a follow-up to her previous popular works, providing more of the heartfelt stories demanded by her readers.

Teresa was born in Cooperstown, NY and lives in Worcester, NY. She attended the K-12 Central School in Worcester and graduated with eighteen others in her Senior Class. Continuing her education, she received her degree in Elementary Education from SUNY at Oneonta, New York. Teresa taught Kindergarten and First Grade at Worcester CS for twenty-five years developing the love of reading and writing. She has always had a fondness for the arts and has delved into painting, piano education, creativity, garden sculpting,
quilting, and writing. She says rural life has a kindness and goodness with a touch of mystique which she tries to describe in her stories.”