Pop-Up Shop at Cooperstown Screening

Stop by the Green Toad’s pop-up shop at the screening of Requiem for the American Dream, along with special guest Peter Hutchison.
Located at Templeton Hall in Cooperstown, NY.
More details coming soon!

“A collection of interviews extending over four years, this riveting new documentary features celebrated American philosopher, linguist, historian, and activist Noam Chomsky presenting views on global politics, corporate influence, and decline of the so-called American Dream. In the end, the footage suggests that the loss of the dream is not an inevitable happening, but the result of choices made by people in service to persistent aims and beliefs. Regarded by many as America’s leading intellectual, Chomsky is a thoughtful story teller, cutting through American and economic history to distill ten basic principles of wealth and power that have worked against the dream. But Requiem is not only interesting for fans of Chomsky, it is also a great introduction for those unfamiliar with his work and ideas. Chomsky’s thoughts on the current political landscape may be controversial for some, but the way they’re presented is entertaining for all. “A clear-eyed, easily accessible outline of how and why American idealism has been sabotaged”—Michael Berkowitz. (Peter D. Hutchison, Kelly Nyks, Jared P. Scott, 2015, 73 minutes)