Chuck D’Imperio: Upstate Uncovered

Join us for a book reading & signing by Chuck D’Imperio, acclaimed local radio host and author.

His newest book, Upstate Uncovered is on the shelves and ready for reading…
“An exciting travel guide for Upstate New York road warriors, history lovers, and tourists.
In Upstate Uncovered Chuck D’Imperio mines deep into his travel journal and shares an astonishing array of fun and amazing places in Upstate New York that the casual traveler might otherwise miss. As one of Upstate’s most ardent advocates, D’Imperio has traveled the backroads and byways of the region seeking out the stories, tales, and folklore writ upon the landscape. He takes readers to one hundred small towns and cities from the Hudson Valley to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and out through the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes region. Not only a reflection of “the road less traveled,” Upstate Uncovered includes pertinent information such as websites, photographs, personal interviews, and explicit directions to each of the included entries. While flipping through the pages, readers will be amazed at what turns up around every backroads corner in the region.”

Some words from Chuck:
“I LOVE Upstate New York! I am a longtime award-winning radio broadcaster (more than 22 years on the air!), an inductee into the New York State Country Music Hall of Fame as “New York’s Broadcaster of the Year, 2000,” a newspaper columnist and a writer of books about my beloved Upstate New York!
I also do a great deal of public speaking around the state talking about my research and my books. The talks (more than 40 a year!) are lively and always a lot of fun! I write about famous people who are buried in Upstate New York, folk heroes who walked our pathways, historic communities both big and small, legendary NewYorkers and life in general in this beautiful area we call Upstate New York!”