Book Signing: June 19th @6pm Reception @ 5:30pm Art in the Moment: Life and Times of Adger Cowans by Adger Cowans

Join us in welcoming renowned artist Adger Cowans, author of recently published  ‘Art in the Moment: Life and Times of Adger Cowans’.  Meet the author and purchase signed copies of his new book!


“Renowned artist, photographer and native of Columbus, OH, Agder W. Cowans, received a B.F.A. in photography from Ohio University. He furthered his photographic education at the School of Motion Picture Arts, and the School of Visual Arts, Film Editing in New York. Cowans worked with artist legends Gordon Parks, Lillian Bassman, Ben Somoroff and others, is the recipient of the John Hay Whitney Fellowship, and the Lorenzo il Magnifico Al Carriera in recognition of a distinguished career at the 2001 Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art. “Adger Cowans is one of America’s finest photographers and fine painters. Through film and paint, his keen sensitive eye hauntingly reveals things, places and moments that make up the bonfires of our lives. His individualism sets him apart—simply because he follows his own convictions. His photography and paintings go as far as IMAGERY can without actually speaking. Mr. Cowans acquired the freedom to master himself and obviously became free the moment he chose to be.” ~ Gordon Parks


“Written from the heart, Adger Cowan’s ‘Art in the Moment:Life and Times of Adger Cowans’, is a nonstop read reflecting the societal changes he experienced growing up as a Black man and artist in 20th century America.We accompany Cowan’s on illustrative and delightfully humorous adventures across continents,revealing surprising new artistic endeavors that are not even close to completion in the 21st century”  Joan Eisenberg