Book Signing July 20th 2-4pm Alzheimer’s Through the Stages: A Caregiver’s Guide by Author Mary Moller

Join us in welcoming Mary Moller, author of Alzheimer’s Through the Stages: A Caregivers Guide.  Meet the author and purchase signed copies of her book! 

About the Book

Alzheimers books should help everyone involved through this incredibly difficult time. That’s why Alzheimer’s Through the Stages shows you what you can do for your loved one―and yourself―every step of the way. This book’s detailed descriptions of all seven stages of the disease are both helpful and comforting.

With each section divided into three parts―what to expect, what to say, and what to do―this is one of the easiest to use Alzheimers books for caregivers.

Alzheimer’s Through the Stages includes:

  • A COMPLETE GUIDE―Go beyond other Alzheimers books as you learn what’s happening and what you should do during all 7 stages of the disease.
  • EASY-TO-USE ADVICE―Detailed guides and sample dialogues help you handle everything from doctor visits to mood swings―making this one of the most useful Alzheimers books.
  • SELF-CARE FOR CAREGIVERS―Discover the importance of your own wellbeing and how taking care of yourself is critical to successful caregiving.

Discover one of the only Alzheimers books that lets you concentrate on what matters most―caring for both your loved one and yourself.

About the Author

Mary Moller, MSW, CAS, is a graduate of the University of Albany School of Social Welfare and a program specialist at the Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease. She has spent over 14 years working with families, caregivers, and those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.