Book Signing by Tara Drouin

Join us in welcoming Long Island Teacher, Mother, Musician, and Author, Tara Drouin! She will be reading from her new children’s book ‘One Heart,’ which explores diversity and acceptance.
Based Off The Song of the Same Name By Her Band Iridesense (Which Comes FREE with Purchase, listen here:, Drouin Seeks to Teach Children The Valuable Message of Unity.
As the lead vocalist and bass player for LI based band Iridesense (which has been together for over 20 years), the proud mother of a 7yr old bi-racial daughter, and a teacher at Brooklyn’s Hebrew Language Academy- multi-talented author Tara Drouin is spreading her message of unity through diversity with her new book “One Heart” with help from first-time illustrator Nancy Noskewicz, an art teacher in the Bethpage School District.
The book, first inspired by a song of the same name, explores the reality of our differences – whether they be differences in eye color, skin color or hair color – inside, we all have one heart! Tara believes that this message needs to be shared with children at a young age.
“If you look at who we truly are, at our core, we are all the same. We need to spread this message to children, and to the world. Our differences on the outside make us unique, but our hearts need to be unified because we are all one race, the human race,” says Drouin.
A free download of the song comes with the book. Tara’s students love singing the song in her classroom, and she expresses to them that our differences are what makes us all unique but inside we’re all the same, we are all human beings with one heart and we all need to be unified.
In her spare time, Tara enjoys yoga, going to the beach, making jewelry, and going to the movies with her husband and daughter. She says of her outlook and its expression in the book, “If you have friends, family and you’re healthy, you really have it all.”