Book Signing by Denise B. Dailey

Join us in welcoming Denise B. Dailey, author of ‘Riko: Seductions of an Artist.’ She will be reading from and signing copies of her new book, right here at the Toad!

Book Synopsis:
A biography of a Czech artist educated in the 1920s and `30s in the most artistically revolutionary capitals of the world: Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Paris, who gets caught in the Nazi dragnet through his marriage to a Czech Jew. The story follows their double exiles, first to war-time England, and then to the United States, where they delight and despair over re-establishing Riko as a first-class artist in the radically evolving cultural decades from the `50s to the `80s.

About the Author:
Of Brazilian-Chilean-French origins, fluent in four languages, and a traveler to the seven continents with her husband and children, Denise B. Dailey adapts easily to international subjects. Her ability to listen to people in multiple languages, and her passion to share their stories, inform and propel most of her writing, from short stories to travel journals, the most recent being ‘Listening to Pakistan.’ Denise has a B.Sc. from McGill and an MFA from Columbia Universities. She has taught English as a Second Language at UN schools and in the School of General Studies at Columbia University.