Book Signing by David Covell

Join us at Table On Ten in welcoming David Covell, author of ‘Run Wild.’

Get back to nature in this gorgeous sunlit filled book that celebrates the joy of being outdoors.
An illustrated children’s book perfect for kids ages 3-5 years old.

Book Synopsis:
“Hey, you! Sky’s blue!” a girl shouts as she runs by the window of a boy bent over his digital device. Intrigued, the boy runs out after her, leaving his shoes (and phone) behind, and into a world of sunshine, dewey grass, and warm sand. Filled with the pleasures of being alive in the natural world, Run Wild is an exquisite and kid-friendly reminder of how wonderful life can be beyond doors and screens.

About the Author:
David Covell grew up in the wilds of Maine before moving to New York City. He lives in the East Village, is a freelance graphic designer and escapes regularly to the Catskills for his own dose of nature. You can find David on Facebook at and follow him on Instagram @david_covell.

Through powerful art and punchy text, Covell celebrates freedom, the out-of-doors, the joy of movement, and the importance of paying attention to the present moment.
–Publishers Weekly

Covell’s illustrations are exuberant, projecting to readers the raw joy and wonder of exploring the natural world. The skin tones of the children shift through various shades of beige and brown. Though Covell’s intention for the racial ambiguity is unclear, this inclusion of brown-skinned children encouraged to run “wild” in green spaces is a hugely welcome one given their historic exclusion from same.
— Kirkus Reviews

Summertime! Freedom! Running through the woods and along the beach with nothing to do but enjoy the day. Author-illustrator Covell imparts an ideal image of a magical, carefree childhood day where just being alive is exciting.